About us

www.staerkefaelleskaber.dk – meaning strong communities – is a knowledge portal that allows public access to academic research, experiences, tools and inspirational materials relating to the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism in Denmark. The portal builds on an understanding that strong communities play a vital role in preventing radicalisation and extremism.

On this page, you can find teaching materials for elementary and upper secondary school level social studies, tools and inspirational materials aimed at organisations and local actors, as well as recently published research on the topics of right-wing extremism, women and radicalisation, and the psychology of radicalisation and terrorism. TrygFonden and CERTA Intelligence & Security strive to involve more stakeholders in the early preventive efforts against radicalisation through the creation of this knowledge portal.

The knowledge portal is based on a report published and produced in collaboration between TrygFonden and CERTA in 2016. The report includes a review of existing Danish empirical literature on radicalisation, the central points of studies in community resilience and a series of qualitative interviews of key people in selected Danish local communities affected by radicalisation and extremism.

The report presents a series of recommendations on how to strengthen local community resilience against radicalisation and violent extremism. The purpose of the report is, among other things, to investigate existing community resources and initiatives. Furthermore, the report aims to explore which actors – actual and potential – can play the most crucial roles in the prevention, containment, and countering of radicalisation and violent extremism at the local level. You can find an English summary of the report here. The full report is available in Danish here.

In previous years, TrygFonden and CERTA have facilitated high-level talks and conferences about safety and radicalisation attended by a variety of public figures as well as the wider public. On the local level, TrygFonden and CERTA have organised workshops with grassroots partners that address the need to work proactively and collaborate on the issue of radicalisation and violent extremism.

TrygFonden is a Danish foundation that works to make Denmark a safer place. Its mission is to inspire everyone in Denmark to take responsibility for their own safety as well as that of others. TrygFonden supports action-oriented, knowledge-based projects that contribute to an increased sense of safety locally and nationally. In 2016, TrygFonden divided DKK 600 million between a large number of projects.

CERTA Intelligence & Security is a private analysis and consultancy company that deals with a wide range of security-related issues and other projects of significance to society. CERTA employs researchers, analysts, and advisers with extensive experience from the Danish intelligence services.

In January 2020, Fonden for Socialt Ansvar will take over the domain www.staerkefaellesskaber.dk.

Contact: Fonden for Socialtansvar – fonden@socialtansvar.dk